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  • 25 years’ experience combined from across six continents.

  • Multiple sports, all age groups, abilities and backgrounds.

  • From grass roots - junior rankings - the world stage, we truly understand the process of what it takes.

  • Three higher education degrees, both accredited UK Athletics coaches and much more.

  • This combination enables us to offer a unique outlook on fitness that provides the education, physical and mental preparation.



  • ‘Succeed – Optimise – Challenge’ this is what SOC stand for and believes in!

  • The concept of SOC evolved through the global experiences that both David and Shelayna have each gained over the years 

  • Providing insight from both athlete and coach point of view.

  • Exercise should be fun and rewarding.

  • You may be so close to your goal but are missing one small piece to the puzzle.....we can be that piece.

People often ask question such as:


  • What does your training consist of?

  • How can I improve, I feel I have hit a plateau?

  • Should I lift weights?

  • How many rest days should I have?

  • What supplements should I take? 

  • With the rise in popularity across social media, we see vast amounts of different sometimes daunting training methods and often struggle to identify what is good vs what is bad.

  • What we offer has been tried, tested and proven.

  • From every day gym goers to elite athletes. 

  • Through scientific proven methods.

"If you have ever asked any of these questions.... SOC is here to help"

"Don’t have the time to travel and train with us? Perfect, as you are just the type of person we are looking for"

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