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Poor range of motion around the hips may lead to potential injuries and subsequently impact our performance as well as every day life. Stiff hips are often associated with lower back pain! So what are you waiting for..... get stretching

Hip Mobility Routine

Instead of just jogging for a warm up this is an alternative way to awaken your whole body! When we run, our musculature has to cope with all three planes of motion. Therefore, this warm up helps with this. Also, awesome to help with your rhythm and coordination!!

 Running Warm-up

The lower abs are often neglected in today's workouts. Why are they important? They help to stabilise the pelvis and promote good posture! Which also helps to reduce lower back pain!

Lower Ab Circuit

Glute Exercises

Getting your glutes fired up before you train is a great way to help your body recruit the correct muscles when working out. If your glutes are not working correctly because of poor activation or weakness, this can cause injury, poor posture and tightness! 

Upper Back Posture

In today's society, sitting hunched over at work or on public transport starring at our phones is often the cause of rounded shoulders, poor posture and tight muscles! Being aware of these bad positions and keeping your upper back strong will help promote good posture and prevent those shoulders from rounding!

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