Shelayna Oskan-Clarke OLY



  • Shelayna began her sporting journey as a promising young hockey player before one of her teachers recognised she had a talent for running. What started out as a hobby, she quickly progressed through the age groups until the years of training paid off and gained selection to her first international competition, the first of many.

  • On top of the experience and knowledge gained through her successful career she has also had the opportunity to learn from and be supported by some of the world’s best coaches and practitioners, so she knows the importance and value of having a good team who can help you maximise your performance and accomplish your goals.

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  • One of Shelayna’s passions is motivating and encouraging people to become the best versions of themselves, she has a BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science from Brunel University where she was also a sports scholar due to her sporting achievements, Level 3 Personal Training and level 2 Athletics Coaching qualifications. In addition, she has delivered numerous motivational talks to an array of corporate businesses and continually provides inspirational presentations within schools across the country.

  • Shelayna has been a familiar face and consistent performer on the Great Britain Athletics team, an Olympian, European Champion, World medallist and multi-National Champion across all age groups. Want to know what it takes to come from never running to making the Olympics? Then look no further.

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2019 - World Championships (Doha) - 800m

          - European Indoor Championships (Glasgow) -              800m Gold
2018 - European Championships (Berlin) - 800m

          - Commonwealth Games (Gold Coast) - 800m

          - World Indoor Championships                                           (Birmingham) Bronze
2017 - World Championships (London) - 800m

          - European Indoor Championships (Belgrade) -              800m Silver
2016 - Olympic Games (Rio De Janiero) - 800m
2015 - World Championships (Beijing) - 800m

          - European Indoor Championships (Prague) -                800m.
2008 - Commonwealth Youth Games (Pune) - 400m


2019 - British Championships - 800m Gold

          - British Indoor Championships - 800m Gold
2018 - British Championships - 800m Silver

          - British Indoor Championships - 800m Gold
2017 - British Championships - 800m Gold

          - British Indoor Championships - 800m Gold
2016 - British Championships - 800m Gold
2015 - British Championships - 800m Silver

          - British Indoor Championships - 800m Silver
2014 - British Indoor Championships - 800m Silver
2013 - British Championships - 800m Bronze
2011 - England Championships -  400m Silver

          - England U23 Championships - 400m Bronze

          - BUCS - 400m Silver
2010 - England U23 Championships - 400m Bronze
2009 - England U20 Championships - 400m Silver

          - BUCS - 400m Bronze

          - England U20 Indoor Championships - 400m Gold
2008 - ESAA - 400m Gold

          - England U20 Championships - 400m Gold


David Sadkin MSc



  • David brings an extensive background of work within strength and conditioning and high-performance training at the youth, amateur and professional levels. With over 10 years of experience training athletes across a range of disciplines from all over the globe. His sporting journey started out as a promising young footballer before injury lead him to track and field where he trained for five years under the guidance of one of team GB’s top sprint coaches from whom he learned so much and set him on the path to coaching. Realising that it wasn’t going to be lead David down the path of education obtaining a BSc in Strength & Conditioning Science and an MSc in Applied Physiology Science. 

  • He has spent time working at Michael Johnson Performance as a performance specialist helping with all aspects of training across an array of sporting disciplines, including experience assisting their 2016 NFL combine training camp. In addition, he has gained experience at the English institute of sport with GB hockey and has provided S&C/speed consultancy provision for hundreds of high performing athletes ranging from professional football players to both summer & winter Olympians.

  • David has a wealth of knowledge when it come to track and field, amongst providing S&C for National, European, World medallists and Olympians. He is also a qualified sprints coach where he has assisted with biomechanical assessments, sprint specific adjustments, training plans and currently leads a group of international athletes on their journey to Tokyo 2021.

  • Not just sport, David also has experience in a clinical environment delivering rehabilitation exercise programmes across a diverse population along the well renowned Harley Street.

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Instagram: @davidsadkin


  • MSc Applied Sport & Exercise Physiology

  • BSc (Hons) Strength & Conditioning Science

  • British Athletics – Sprints, Hurdles & Relays

  • USATF Level 2 – Sprints, Hurdles & Relays

  • Functional Movement Systems (FMS) – Level 2 & Y-Balance

  • SAQ Advanced Instructor (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

  • Personal Training

  • Sports Massage Therapy


  • Kinematic differences between elite, sub-elite and well-trained male sprinters during initial acceleration (0-10m) from blocks. 

  • A 3-minute all out test to determine normative data and differences for critical speed and D-prime between elite and sub-elite middle-distance athletes.